I think deep down I always knew I was going to be a photographer. When I was little I used to really focus on the details of life. I loved closing one eye at a time to look at bugs from a different angle. Bugs fascinated me, I remember spending hours following ants because I thought it was incredible how such little creatures survived in a world full of giants. Little did I know I was training my sight to hone my abilities as a future photographer. 

My personal art is a true representation of who I am. Aside from the day to day routine that life swaddles us in, there’s always something deeper, an underlying Matrix that we sometimes get disconnected with. My photography is intended to be a powerful representations of that Matrix, to hone into simple moments and reconnect.

I go through phases and my work changes with them, always telling a story, if not mine, ours. I create to inspire others and hopefully allow others, if only for a moment, to be lifted from that daily routine into the underlying Matrix in my images.